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    Dr Sumita Sofat Hospital@ivfclinic

    IVF centre in Punjab

    Mon Oct 10 2022

    Source: IVF centre in Punjab

    Dr. Sumita Sofat Hospital (Sofat Infertility & Women Care Centre) is an IVF centre in Punjab that helps those couples who are infertile and are struggling to conceive a healthy baby. With the help of ART (Assisted Reproductive Technologies), they get to hold the bundle of joy.

    Dr Sumita Sofat Hospital


    Best IVF Doctor in Ludhiana

    Fri Sep 23 2022

    Source: Best IVF Doctor in Ludhiana

    Have you tried to conceive naturally for more than a year? It's time to schedule an initial consultation with Dr. Sumita Sofat. Under her supervision, you will get the most personalized and high-quality fertility treatment.

    Dr Sumita Sofat Hospital


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