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    Rs485 To Lora | Uniconverge Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    Thu Jun 23 2022

    Source: Rs485 To Lora | Uniconverge Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    The UCT utilizes the latest LoRaWAN technology to build the RS485 LoRa Converter to reduce the problem of installation of cables for monitoring various devices and other factors, it simplifies the IoT installation.

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    RS485 to LoRa Converter

    Fri Mar 25 2022

    Source: RS485 to LoRa Converter

    The RS485 LoRa Converter Module is a trans-receiver device that can transmit as well as receive the data It Provides an RS485 interface supporting Modbus RTU Protocol It Provides Wireless Communication Coverage of 3 Km

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    Internet of Things (IoT) Lab Kit

    Mon Feb 28 2022

    Source: Internet of Things (IoT) Lab Kit

    With the experience in Industry 4.0 and research in technology, we have built a comprehensive IoT Lab Kit to enhance the skills of students.

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